We create what we need from the wreckage of what we’ve lost,” Jason Walker says to a friend at a beach bar on the Caribbean island of St. Croix. Ex-businessman, pilot, poet, and adventurer, Walker has followed his bliss and tripped over his past. Her name is Charlotte Lansing. Her husband Alan is a vulture capitalist who keeps his wife on a short leash. With ties to money laundering, pornography and the drug trade, he marks them both for death. Jason and Charlotte are in a race for their lives. But no one can run forever…

On location in New York, Alaska, and on Caribbean Islands, Strangers’ Gate  is a lyrical novel of great accomplishment.

STRANGERS’ GATE has been optioned for film by Michael Mailer Films.


An airliner bound for Paris experiences difficulties and turns back to New York. But on its approach to landing it crashes, and forty-five lives are lost. Captain Hugo Price, who may or may not have made a mistake, is held accountable by a formal board of inquiry.

His failed marriage, a romantic relationship with his First Officer, Sarah McClure, and other aspects of his personal and professional life come under harsh official scrutiny as everyone, Hugo included, tries to decide whether the disaster was inevitable or the result of human error. A moving and dramatic story of love in the modern era, of airliners and the men and women who fly them, and organs of officialdom that protect the illusion of technology as a shield against mortality.


David Tobin, a psychiatrist, and Kathryn, his wife, an artist of merit, have perished in a mountain climbing accident. Their closest friend, the writer Jeffrey Stevens, has been asked by their attorney to perform the “discretionary duty” of going to their home and removing personal effects that “would be of no interest” in an estate sale. Jeffrey does this, and as he moves through familiar rooms he knew in happier times, “everything he saw was electric with that part of them not yet dead; everything he touched therefore, or rearranged, instantly corrupted their imprimatur with his own, subtracting from the evidence of their having existed at all. The truth was he had been asked to further annihilate them.”

Through the prism of photographs, letters and journals he discovers, Jeffrey discerns a vibrant life of mind and spirit. There is also a manuscript detailing the sexual adventures of a patient in treatment with David, a woman, Devon Taylor, whom Jeffrey realizes he had dated in high school. Now divorced and living nearby, Jeffrey contacts Devon. They meet and discuss their loss. In the course of a single day each reflects on time and change, the fragile nature of life, the shock of untimely death, and precious memories that will continue to influence the hopeful possibilities remaining as the living moment continues to unfold.


Unfaithful Servant tells the story of Jack Harris, recently retired CIA officer, and Frank Warren, FBI agent and Jack’s childhood friend. When they were boys, Jack and Frank witnessed a murder. After a terrifying confrontation with the killer, they make a vow to each other of secrecy and fealty.

Last based in Baghdad, Jack Harris lost his fiancé, an army major, to a landmine explosion on the road to Fallujah; the Humvee she was driving did not have sufficient armor. Known for fearlessness and brilliant tradecraft, Jack retires to America. Terrorist bombings, including an attack on the Statue of Liberty,  raise suspicions in Frank Warren that his friend is behind them. He wants to know why. The two meet for a game of golf. Invoking the “boathouse vow,” Frank demands to know where Jack is going with these attacks. He will learn by the end of the game.

Unfaithful Servant is a fast paced thriller that examines the potential for a single person to change the course of world events.

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